Monday, 17 June 2013

#SHRM13 Social Business / HR Systems

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 14.30.21.png  I'm at SHRM's Annual Conference in Chicago this week.

One of the things I really like about this conference is that a lot of the presentation slides are out in advance (I've got until tomorrow to do mine).  I did try to look through these in advance, but even 8 hours on the plane from London wasn't anywhere near enough to preview them.  But here is what I take away as the main socially oriented presentations (currently through to later today and will update later.)

I'll be blogging on at least some of these - but since most of the sessions are naturally quite HR oriented, I'll be posting these at Strategic HCM rather than over here.  (As you might have noticed, I don't get to post here that much these days anyway.)


Monday 17

  • 7.00 David Miller, As the Social Media World Turns (basic overview of social media, from someone who doesn't seem to have a Twitter address)
  • 7.00 Jennifer McClure, The Future of HR (looks a great session)
  • 10.45 Richard Fegerlin, The Truth on Trust
  • 10.45 Mike Reardon, Disney's Approach - not especially social, but definitely highly human!
  • 10.45 Don Delves, The Pay Problem (some good slides on why CEO pay can demotivate and reduce collaboration with employees)
  • 10.45 Matt Kaiser, Social Recruiting (some great insights, including from Matt's experience at Ericsson)
  • 2.00 David Rock, The Neuroscience of Growing Talent (haven't seen the slides but expect lots of evidence for the importance of social connection)
  • 2.00 Louis Richard Lessig, to BYOD or Not? (not strictly about social but an issue organisations frequently have to deal with as part of a move to social)
  • 2.00 Stephen Frost, Diversity to a Deadline - London 2012 Games
  • 4.00 Neal Goodman, Strategies to Build Cultural Competence
  • 4.00 Trisha Zulic, Your Technology Wardrobe
  • 4.00 Steve Boese, Harnessing Social Tools to Transform HR
  • 4.00 Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt, Strategic Relationship Management
  • Brad Karsh, Manager 3.0
  • Sue Jones, Managing Workplace Conflicts


I hope others will be blogging on these sessions as well and would encourage those who do to share these on the Social HR community on Google+.


And a reminder my own session on 'The New (Social) HR' will be at 10.45 on Tuesday (after Dan Pink).


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