Friday, 24 February 2012

Social Business and Unified Communications


   I still have loads to write up from Social Media Week but also want to note that the week after next I will be participating with IBM in a collaboration dinner (on Wednesday 7th March am) in the Social Business area of the Unified Communications Expo:

A focal point of IBM’s Social Business Expo will be “The Collaboration Diner” run by one of its key partners, Collaboration Matters. The Diner is a modern twist on Edward Hopper’s famous 1942 painting, “Nighthawks”, with a majority of the diner-themed space being devoted to debate and discussion with key Social Business thought leaders sat at informal coffee tables.

At one end of the diner, actors will re-create Hopper's painting and transition to a modern scene where they will be using a range of handheld communication devices - iPads, laptops and smartphones. This will demonstrate that, while Hopper depicted the alienation and loneliness of the 1940s’ big city, this is not the case today as, although alone, these characters are far from lonely, being connected to the wider world through social networking.


Sounds fun!


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