Saturday, 5 November 2011

Chairing the Social Workplace conference


   On Tuesday I chaired the new Social Workplace conference in London.

This was a great event, focused on the digital workplace.

Highlights for me were:

  • Lee Bryant’s points about:
    • Social business will be key to engineering ourselves out of the economic crisis
    • It fits exception handling in a complex process driven organisation
    • Humans being leaky so organisations will never have 100% data security
    • Amazon having ‘2 pizza teams’ (if two pizzas is not enough to feed it then the team is too big)
  • Benjamin Ellis talking about:
    • Digital being about engagement – making someone want to come and play on a website vs traditional interrpution marketing (putting the intranet on the home page – similar to putting adverts in the middle of a TV programme) eg a good strategy is to tell people NOT to use the intranet
    • The spectrum of communication activities ranging through broadcasting to feedback (still over a closed channel) to dialogue to networking
    • The culture of sharing which works best if you share something when it’s unfinished
    • Measurement being largely qualitative – through tags and comments
  • Elizabeth Lupfer on social experience and the importance of employee profiles, tagging and social recognition (gamification):


Picture credit: Olga Pavlovsky

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