Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lynda Gratton and the Future of Work


   I was at London Business School last night for a session on the Future of Work.  Most of the session focused on the attendees’ thoughts about this future, supported by Lynda’s consortium:

  • Five trends: globalisation, technology, demographics, low carbon, society (reduction in trust, increase in self-employment).
  • The dark side of the default future: isolation, fragmentation, exclusion, addiction.
  • The bright side of a crafted future: transparency, choice, co-creation (eg 2000 scientists at CERN collaboration together, meaning that the first 15 pages of their articles are taken up with the names of the authors).


Most interesting for me was Nokia’s prediction that by 2015 5 billion people will be connected across the blog, and Lynda’s question, what happens when you join up 5 billion people?

In Lynda’s view, one change is from competitive isolated individuals to connected, innovative crowds:

“The future is about relationships – the quality, extent and depth of relationships both virtual and real.”


Crowds can be very innovative, but for this to be the case, there needs to be diversity – you need to be connected to people very different to yourself.

We finished with these suggested actions:

  • Making wise life choices
  • Finding regenerative communities
  • Developing carbon neutral capabilities
  • Preparing for five generations at work.


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