Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Carnival of Trust is coming to town


   The more work I do on social capital, social media etc, the clearer I become that trust is at the centre of much of what organisations need to do to perform in these areas.

So I’m delighted that I’ll be hosting the Carnival of Trust early next month.  This is a carnival I’ve been included in before, but this is the first time I’ll be hosting.

In the words of the carnival’s originator, Charles H Green,

“I believe trust is an increasingly important element in a business world and a society that is becoming more dependent on connections, yet more and more removed from the high-touch interpersonal connections of old. A higher-trust society is a society that is personally healthier, and also economically richer. Not to mention probably more peaceful.

My hope and ambition for the carnival is to establish a home base, a center of gravity, for people who are interested in fostering greater trusted relationships in various realms of the world.

While my own material is primarily business-oriented, the Carnival of Trust will be explicitly more broad than business alone. Trust is heavily personal in nature, and I hope the submissions will reflect that—postings that deal with personal trust, business trust, and political trust are welcome, as well as pieces on the nature of trust.”


Previous carnivals this year have been:

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The July Carnival of Trust
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The June Carnival of Trust
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The May Carnival of Trust
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The April Carnival of Trust
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The March Carnival of Trust
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The February Carnival of Trust
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The January Carnival of Trust
Hosted by Diane Levin at Mediation Channel


If you want to participate in the carnival being hosted by Social Advantage, send your trust related posts in sometime before Thursday 7th January.  And make sure they’re good! – unlike the HR carnival, there’s a clear editing policy on this one.

The carnival will be live on Social Advantage from Monday 11th.


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