Monday, 13 July 2009

HR web 2.0 applications / Resources


       I’ve been asked by a contact of mine to suggest some resources for information on companies using web 2.0 applications within HR ie for recruitment, learning, engagement etc.

This is my short list.  Any suggestions – what have I missed?



Bertrand Duperrin’s Notepad

Michael Specht

Steve Boese’s HR Technology

Learning on the Leading Edge

Knowledge Infusion Centre of Excellence

Strategic HCM

Talking HR

Bill Kutik Radio Show

Matt Lafata




Sirona Says

Recruitment 2.0

HR Capitalist

Fistful of Talent

Jessica Lee Writes


Human Capitalist

All Abord



New Learning Playbook

Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies

Clive on Learning

Dare to Share


Engagement / Communications / Employer branding (I've not included things like FIR that relate to broader uses for communication):


Polly Pearson



As well as the above blogs and podcasts, there are a few print reports that I will also suggest may be useful, for example, the latest CIPD report.  Again, any others?



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