Saturday, 31 January 2009

WELCOM to the world's leaders Facebook


WELCOM   A few of the world's leaders (the auditorium doesn't look particularly packed) have gathered in Davos this morning to learn more about the World Economic Forum's new Sharepoint based social networking system, WELCOM.

It's been designed to help the participants connect and collaborate after the event and to help them give the world 'a fundamental reboot'.

I agree with the BT speaker that it sounds 'pretty darn exciting' and I wish I could use it... but the question has to be whether any of those gathered together in Davos will actually do so.

This article from the BBC business editor, Tim Weber, suggests probably not:

"The discussions here suggest that many companies are still struggling to move beyond having a colourful website towards really using the internet to their advantage.

And to make things worse, hardly any company knows how to cope with the rise of social media - the Facebooks, Twitters, blogs and YouTubes of the digital world."


Perhaps Barack Obama's influence will help here?


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