Saturday, 3 January 2009

Collaboration in 2018


   Happy New Year.

You'll have seen many sets of predictions for the new year / following decade.  I'm not going to make any others, although I still think work will develop in the direction described by this, and my HCM blog.

However, I will reference Workforce magazine's predictions for 2018 (NASA's target date to return to the moon) which suggest that collaboration will be key by 2018.

"The top ranked prediction was that 'there will be an increased focus on infrastructures - such as social networks and wikis - to support strong relationships and collaboration'.

The second-most popular choice predicted novel work arrangements: 'the structure of work will become more adaptive, more informal and less focused on formal structure and static design solutions'.

Gurjar, of Infosys, envisions expanded use of virtual teams of employees who communicate extensively through videoconferencing, e-mail and text messaging,  Gurjar said people are learning to work well together without much, if any, face-to-face interaction.  At Infosys, workers text message despite sitting just a few feet away from each other'."


I don't argue against any of this, although I also think that we need to think more about what outcomes organisations are trying to achieve, before we worry too much about the infrastructures and work arrangements that will support these outcomes.

This was the focus of my survey conducted during 2008, and I'll be reporting on the outcomes of this over the next few days or so.


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