Saturday, 16 August 2008

Collaboration in talent management


I've posted on HCI's / IBM's new talent management research on my HCM blog.  IBM found the factors that made the biggest difference to organisational performance are whether organisations understand and address workforce attitudes and engagement levels, and whether employee and workgroup incentives are aligned with appropriate business goals.

However, another factor that appears to quite important is collaboration (I also suspect that the importance of this element is currently being undervalued, and that it will grow over time).  The research finds here that only about half of organisations believe that their employees are collaborating and sharing knowledge with other employees.  These organisations believe that doing this helps promote organisational goals and results.

HCI IBM Collaboration


So, firstly, a lot of organisations are missing out on the potential benefits of social capital.

And secondly, many of the organisations which believe their people are collaborating do not have an infrastructure which is designed to facilitate collaboration across the organisation.

IBM note:

"One can only imagine how much better collaboration and knowledge sharing could be aligned with critical goals if more organisations were better at promoting it."


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