Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Web 2.0 in professional services / legal firms

After having discussed the main business impacts of operating in the networked world, today's session then went on to explore the use of web 2.0 to support the changes that are necessary.

A highlight of the conversation for me was a discussion on the importance of face-to-face communication and the need to use technology to optimise this:

"10 years ago meetings were about information exchange.  Today, this can be done via technology meaning that meetings can focus on meaningful relationship building. 

Face to face is where firms can really make a difference and provide clients with key insights.  The small number of minutes you get with clients are more import than this facetime ever used to be.  The danger is that firms squander the opportunity by spending this precious resource doing things can be done in a more efficient way.  Firms need to place a huge emphasis on improving the quality of conversation."

My presentation focused on the different opportunities to use web 2.0 both internally and externally, for both connecting people, and collecting content (or connecting people with the content of other people).

See my slides below and let me know if you want me to talk you through them:


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