Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Social Business Strategy Summit


   I followed the tweets from the Social Business Strategy Summit in London last week.  I didn’t get to go as 1. I was busy, 2. they didn’t invite to speak and 3. I’ve been getting increasingly irritated by how much focus there is on IT in these events to the exclusion of all else.  It’s absolutely not that I’m against technology, but it doesn’t need to be the starting point! (see it’s not not not about the technology).

This event followed pretty much the same pattern, but there were some interesting points on HR’s role in social business, eg:

 Yes, me, too, Jon! I can’t wait to dive into learning more about HR is shifting gears & see how we can all help 

     They aren’t,but we r!, they need to readjust, if they’d want to retain their talent

 Amen! And why i’m very interested in finding out about HR related events to learn more about their change 

     Problem is HR isn't wired for distributed knowledge sharing & social evaluation

     HR's already stepping up. Now, as for Marketing & IT- there's another story!!!! 

  Probably not,but if that gets them to question what they r doing to think deeper I’m happy w/ it;it’s a start

no RT :  Can the advances in HRTech overcome the inherent HR 'Catbert' culture?   

HR needs to step up RT :    Agree. And maybe the way out from outdated HR processes 

RT : no RT :   And still are. A question: is adopting social enough to make them change?

  And still are. A question: is adopting social enough to make them change? Not sure 

 And funny enough I would include HR in that lot, too! Interestingly enough hehe  we had it right at the heart!


I do think some of the remarks were unfair – HR (or more precisely often OD) is doing some great work in this area.  But I do wish HR practitioners would show more interest in the non-HR areas of social business too.



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