Sunday, 5 September 2010

HR Technology Strategies


   In July, I noted my beliefs that June’s E 2.0 conference needed a greater focus on HR issues, ie culture, behaviours etc and also on the HR function itself – but also that I didn’t think either I or this subject would get on the agenda.

It looks like I’ve been proved wrong, and I’m pleased to see HR Technologies promoted to a new track at this November’s conference in Santa Clara:

“Human Resources professionals are at the center of managing the most valuable asset a company possesses - its people - and how to get them to interact and collaborate more effectively. Enterprise 2.0 planning typically straddles the intersection between Line of Business needs, Human Resources and Information Technology.

While Line of Business and IT typically have specific and often urgent needs, the realities and complexities of human resources can have longer term implications. And in today's economy, scale is key whether in terms of growth, downsizing, or merger and acquisition strategies. Keeping the nucleus of a business collaborating while blending other cultures into the mix is a challenge often underestimated by strategists who assume the 'boxes are checked' in software solutions.

The HR Technology Strategies track will discuss how to ensure the HR voice and perspective is heard in strategic planning, and that the Enterprise 2.0 technology being contemplated is appropriate for your company size and personnel profiles. We will focus on realizing business value from collaboration tools, and how to strategize around building on existing technology foundations—including payroll, comps, benefits, incentives and training/learning—to transition into a more connected and aware culture and organization. The realities of staff types, ages and workflow needs will be addressed, including how to shape them so they evolve over time to meet your business goals.”


More on this soon, and I suppose I should also, as promised, finish my blogging from the June conference!




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  1. As an enterprise community manager, I
    believe getting HR involved closely in Enterprise 2.0 implementations greatly increases the likelihood of their success. With HR on board, the great body of the unconvinced and the disinterested will see that social business skills will be part of the future of work. HR will be instrumental in giving recognition to those who collaborate, network and share knowledge.

  2. Hi Jon - I look forward to your posts about the June conference. Looking at the one coming up, it seems there is a lot related to the company I work for, Rypple. But, I'd like to hear from people who have experienced it for more context.


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