Sunday, 7 February 2010

TalentedApps continues the Carnevale di Venezia tradition


   The 7 February Leadership Development Carnival is being hosted by Mark Bennett at TalentedApps.

Mark notes:

“Last year about this time, our colleague Jon Ingham hosted the HR Carnival and pointed out that it was during Carnevale in Venice. We’re continuing that tradition for this month’s Leadership Development Carnival.

Carnevale is perhaps best known for the wide variety of masks that participants wear. The role of a mask in leadership has also been recognized throughout history, particularly in thecontext of politics and war. We tend to associate masks with “hiding” and “being fake”, but one can argue that even authentic leadership sometimes entails keeping a calm demeanor while chaos swirls around.”


Love it!  Take a look at the great collection of posts there (including my ‘Work sucks...’ piece which deals in passing with the development of leaders through gaming experiences).


Picture credit: Dragoos 


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  1. Thanks, Jon, for the mention! I'm glad you liked the carnival and thank you for contributing your excellent post.



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